The Light That Peeks Through

Light is so fascinating and mesmerizing to me and has become so much more meaningful and important to me during this recovery. Certain wavelengths of light make me feel worse while others seem to make me feel better. From my time spent in the Light Portal, to my new Brainwear bending light to manipulate my brain, I am fascinated by it.

Have you ever noticed how beautiful it is when you enter a room and the light peeks through the window in just a way to form a beautiful pattern projected across the floor or onto a wall, or it hits a hanging photo at just the right angle and the bending of light creates the rainbow? It is nature’s masterpiece.

A post-it note on my wall reads, “I am healing.” I focus on my breathing and repeat this affirmation to myself every day. Having experienced exceptional burn out and frustration recently, I sat in front of my post-it note to start repeating this affirmation. This post-it serves as a reminder to take time to myself to practice self-love and be kind to myself which has been a work in progress. I was experiencing many emotions with frustration being one of the most prominent as I repeated the now familiar words.

As I was staring at the post-it note, the sun made a gentle entrance through my window and the light projected perfectly onto it. It warmed my soul and brought a smile to my face. I couldn’t help but laugh.

This particular instance is symbolic to me. In the midst of dark times, what has kept me going are the little glimmers of light coming through. It’s interesting because the more I become aware and in the moment, the more glimmers seem to come through. It becomes easier to pick up on them. It’s as if you start to attract it, but in reality, it was there all along waiting to be noticed.

I believe you would agree with me that the little hints of goodness sprinkled into the world keep you going. This could be one single person’s simple act of kindness on a day where you really needed to experience goodness. 

I like to think of the little hints of goodness as that little light peeking through which can make us stop and think of beauty and that’s something that we need to keep going when it is difficult to find it within ourselves. In that very moment, I was reminded of beauty and light. It is all around us. 

It’s easy to get off track when experiencing daily pain, stress, trauma, or anything troubling for a stretch of time and it can feel so dark. But at the end of the day, if you reflect on it, there was at least one little hint of light peeking through and that can turn out to be so uplifting. Just like when a bonfire is about to burn out and it begins to feel so cold, when given a little support, it is reignited and provides warmth. I have so much gratitude for so many people I have come across in my life at one point or another who served and serve as little glimmers of light.

Here’s to the little bit of light peeking through – a reminder of beauty, warmth, hope. Notice it, embrace it, and reignite. Something that seems so small and irrelevant may just be the thing that keeps someone going.

In many ways, we all radiate light and it might just be the most meaningful thing to someone, somewhere.

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